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What makes us different

Depending on your needs, XpertsForyou.com offers various service packages with different scopes. Hence, you get exactly the service you need in your particular situation.

We find just the right profile

We have experience and we work rapidly and actively!
Being since many years in the recruitment industry, our vast network of profiles stretching in a broad range of industries, locations, and roles gives us a step ahead in finding your man or woman.

We assess each profile

Get double assurance to hire the right candidate! Assessments may be needed to give further insight into pinpointing the best person for the role as well as future performance needs.

We support the candidate

Cross-border recruiting can be complex, especially regarding authorizations, work permits, and legal compliance. XpertsForYou provides the required knowledge to ensure all administrative and legal processes related to hiring candidates are handled smoothly and in full compliance and without any snags.

We get things done! Indeed, we handle the relocation & logistics

The right match for the job is not found around the corner! Relocation means not only logistics challenges but also cultural adaption and social integration - which may conflict with the priorities of taking on a new role.
XpertsForYou.com guarantees «new employee care» to relieve the big stress in relocation so the person can focus 100% on their tasks.

We offer unique solutions tailored to your needs

Whether you wish to outsource the sourcing processes or the outsourcing processes, you will find in xPertsForYou.com a transparent and trustworthy partner. Your company, your culture, and your interests will be represented when getting in touch with potential candidates.


How you can benefit from our

well-established network

You will have access to the strong network we built during the past 30 years

You will have access to candidates that are from any country around our globe

You have effortless access to a large database of profiles

We will our own specific tools in order to provide you the best possible profiles, regardless of where they come from

Sadly... we must admit we are seniors. But we are seniors! We are happy to use our long experience to be the best potential partner for your company.

Every great story starts with a first encounter.


Schedule now a 15-minute meeting with us to discuss your current needs and pain points. It's free and totally non-binding.

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