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The experts and technical leaders you need

xPertsForYou.com finds the right talents for your corporate development – even if you require very specific and rare skills or experience.


We offer three models of collaboration – a "classic" agency model, as well as two SLA-Driven models that bring additional value add and cost-effectiveness.

Exclusive mandate

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Sourcing outsourcing

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Recruiting outsourcing


How you can benefit from exclusive mandates

This engagement model is best for occasional requirements or when your internal recruiting function has issues finding specific skills or experience.

One unique partner for all recruiting-related issues

The right candidate with the right skills, even if the latter are rare

The right match between the candidate and your corporate culture

Short turnover and very high reactivity

Profiles that suit your required hard skills, but also the right soft skills

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How you can benefit from our sourcing outsourcing solutions

Sourcing Outsourcing is carried out as a service with a series of value-added components. This is a very good option especially in phases of strong growth and in case of recurrent need for very specific skills.

Reactivity and turnover time guaranteed by SLA

Online communication platform

Pool management for recurring needs

Qualification tests for hard and soft skills

Optimization of job descriptions and sourcing strategy

Support for medium-term planning

Quarterly reports with relevant indicators


How you can benefit from our recruiting outsourcing solutions

Recruiting Outsourcing is the ideal model for organisations without internal recruiting functions that face important growth.

Focus on your core mission as you can rely on a highly professional and scalable recruitment function.

A very cost-effective approach that can be tailored to your needs

Fully transparent recruitment function for your business stakeholders

Tracking of relevant KPI and regular reporting ensure transparency and continuous optimization

Multilingual account manager as the business contact for all aspects of recruitment

Reactivity and turnover time guaranteed by SLA

Possibility of managed insourcing of the recruiting function at the end of each cycle

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Why we are the right partner for you

With more than thirty years of experience in the business, having recruited and interviewed thousands of potential candidates, we have the required skills to find just the right profiles for you.


Beyond the classic research mandates, we also propose service-based models that allow you to benefit from highly efficient sourcing or recruiting processes that can be insourced in a second step.

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