Our Team of Experts

Our team has both the experience and the skills to meet your needs and expectations. We always act in an authentic way to collaborate closely with all our partners. Discover our team below!


Pamela Shee

Head of XPertsForYou.com, Senior Recruiter and Headhunter

Pamela has more than 30 years of experience in HR, recruiting, and staffing, focusing on technology, leadership, and sales positions. After various positions like eBay, Lucent, or, Huawei, she joined AGILIS SERVICES as an intrapreneur to build xPertsForYou.com together with AGILIS's team.


Christophe Berger

Founder and CEO of AGILIS, Initiator of XpertsForYou.com

Christophe is the Founder and CEO of AGILIS, a consulting company with its own nursery where also xPertsForYou.com was born. Christophe has 30 years of experience in the Service and IT Industry and sets the framework for successful operations in bringing in his knowledge, network, and drive. 


Pierre Barmaverain

Digital Marketing Manager

Pierre has strong marketing and digital transformation skills. He has already gained experience in several sectors and his analytical skills are a real added-value for our projects.


Nadia Hirschi

Communications Manager

Nadia is a recognized specialist in marketing and communications. On top of an anthropocentric approach, she knows how to create value and create awareness on a large scale. 


Apolline Berger

Social Media Specialist

Actually, in training Apolline is a newcomer in the scene. Despite this, she brings a new point of view from Genz Z’s perspective.


Svetlana Hegar

Recruitment Coordinator

Svetlana has joined Xpertsforyou as my support in all recruitment activities. She is proficient in 5 languages (Hungarian, Swedish, French, German & English), has worked in top companies in a back office administration role in supporting different teams and departments, internationally.


Claude Schafer

Senior Consultant, Employee Health

Claude has more than 30 years of experience in the parallel medicine universe and comprehensive expertise in corporate health programs. He significantly contributes to all our undertakings related to corporate health, employee retention, and burnout prevention for our customers.



Chief Happiness Officer

He might not be heavier than four kilos, but Harvey heavily tips the scale towards happiness within our team.

That is precisely why he has become the mascot and ambassador of xPetsForYou.com! Oops… xPertsForYou.com!

Every great story starts with a first encounter.


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