What do you mean by "a service provided by AGILIS"?

AGILIS SERVICES SA is a consulting company supporting clients over the entire corporate lifecycle - from strategy definition to execution to continual operational optimization. We are also using this knowledge and the associated tools to build and make happen our own ventures. is one of these. During the pilot phase, AGILIS hosts all activities of the venture and provides guidance, steering, the operational and legal framework, as well as the resources needed to make the venture successful. Therefore, all operational and legal aspects of the activity of are taken care of by AGILIS' shared service centre. However, one the venture has reached cruising flight altitude, it becomes independent - with the people behind this success becoming shareholders of this newly created yet viable company.

What are your rates for recruiting services?

Our very competitive rates for recruiting services are based on a percentage of the annual gross salary. The percentage depends on the complexity of the search and the additional services required. Contact us to get a concrete quote!

How do you work in Eastern Europe?

The team behind AGILIS has a well-established partner network in many Eastern European countries and has built several nearshore centers from the idea to fully efficient operations. Depending on type of skills you are looking for, as well as the number of FTEs, we will find the most suitable solution. Contact us to initiate the discussion!

How do you assess your candidates?

We carefully assess all candidates with regard to their professional knowledge, key skills and human qualities, using various tools and methods. However, all automated methods will never assess human contact: for this reason, we speak several times to the candidates to check and counter check every detail before we submit a CV to you. This gives you the assurance that the proposed candidates really have been hand-picked.

How does identify potential candidates?

We apply a professional process of systematic search and analysis, combined with permanent networking and referral management. We may also proactively contact potential candidates and assess their suitability and interest in each position. If suitability and interest are confirmed, we start our pre-submission assessment process.

Is there a guarantee that you will submit candidates?

The past shows that there is a match for almost any assignment. However, we do not want to propose candidates which are not meeting all requirements in all dimensions. Therefore, from time to time, we encounter situations where it is just not possible to find appropriate candidates. In such a case, we may propose to redefine and review the job description, if this makes sense.

How long does it take before we can expect getting meetings with candidates?

This greatly depends on the job description and the market situation. In the best case, you may see relevant CVs within 5 - 7 days, in the worst case, it may take up to 30 days. Meetings typically take place within 5 days after an expression of interest.

What is your geographic coverage?

Most of our customers are located in Switzerland, but we also work for multinational companies where we provide services in various European and Asian countries. Candidates may come from Switzerland, the European Union or other regions.

Do you represent job-seekers?

No, never. We are only acting for and on behalf of our clients.


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