Contract Staffing:
the right person for the job

Strategic projects must respect deadlines, required quality, and allocated budget. That's where temporary support from proven specialists in contract staffing (also called contracting) can add significant value add to your team.


xPertsForYou.com provides you with the right talent that will make sure that your project goals are met. Our short reaction time and our vast network of technical specialists make sure that your capacity problem is resolved in no time.

How you can benefit from our contract staffing solutions

The right person with the right qualification for the right time frame

Short turnover and very quick ramp up, flexible ramp down

Organisation of background checks if necessary as per security requirements

Quick substitute in case of sickness or accident

Onsite, remote, or hybrid models, as per your requirements

Attractive terms & conditions

Transparent time reporting

Fists in Solidarity

Why we are the right partner for you

With more than thirty years of experience in the business, having recruited and interviewed thousands of potential candidates, we have the required skills to find just the right profiles for you.


Beyond the classic research mandates, we also propose service-based models that allow you to benefit from highly efficient sourcing or recruiting processes that can be insourced in a second step.

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