Case Study:

Informatique-MTF SA (IMTF)

Sought-after specialists with rare and specific skills recruited by support the development of IMTF!

Location: Fribourg, Switzerland

Industry: Software Product Development and Solutions


About the client

IMTF Group, established since 1987 in Switzerland, is a global leader in software products and solutions for banking and financial industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio of RegTech solutions in the field of Compliance and Risk departments, from Onboarding & Client Lifecycle Management, Secure Document Management, Anti-Financial Crime Modules to AML Compliance and Information Protection. Their emphasis is on the automation of administrative processes (digitization) as well as best-in-class compliance tools (e.g., NLP, Name Screening). The company is growing steadily and has become a major player in its industry.

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Important facts


Candidates screened and sent to IMTF for review


Five years of collaboration between IMTF and xPertsForYou


Candidates hired by IMTF since the beginning of our collaboration


To identify and provide business and technical consultant candidates in RegTech solutions (Anti-Money Laundering, KYC, Fraud, CLM) whom are coming from a vendor background and posessing specific technical product knowledge has proven to be a hugh challenge. In a small community of such profiles and in a niche industry, it is hard to identify potential candidates that have the right skills not only from a professional perspective, but that also have deep knowledge of the vendor ecosystem, and who are furthermore willing to relocate to Switzerland and eligible to obtain a work permit.


Due to our solid global network combined with intensive dedicated headhunting, we were able to present IMTF in a short time with selected top profiles with ample experience in Business Consultancy in AML/Fraud/KYC banking solutions including sufficient technical product knowledge.

Over the past five years Xpertsforyou has successfully filled roles in Software Development, Compliance and RegTech Consultancy, Technical Consultancy, Project Management and Business Analytics for IMTF.

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“We have worked with Xpertsforyou for more than five years and Pamela is going above and beyond to find great colleagues around the world for us. She not only puts an emphasis on the people side of things throughout the process but also follows through after the hire to make sure everything is working well. Highly recommended!”


Gion-Andri Büsser


“Having been approached by Xpertsforyou about a role at IMTF, the potential role and company was exactly what I was looking for. Pamela supported me through the whole hiring process, and much more, once employment contract was signed, Pamela not only took care of working permit procedure but also supported all the way during the relocation including finding accommodation in advance so I could easily start my new employment without any issues or hinderances. Xpertsforyou cares for their candidates all the way, from the beginning to the end!”


Laurent Dubray

System & Network Administrator IMTF SA


Client’s challenges in resourcing

Critical vacancies requiring technical skills combined with Banking process know-how in this field are scarce and qualified people can often only be found in other regions of Switzerland or in other European countries regarding HQ vacancies and can be even more challenging in identifying potential candidates in the MENA & APAC regions. Knowledge & experience in international recruitment in Banking software solutions is such territories is key to master filling difficult roles quickly.

Client’s confrontation in recruitment

Our challenge has been a partner of IMTF for several years, both in the search and identification of technical specialists and executives. Over time, we have provided many highly qualified profiles to IMTF headquarters in Switzerland and global entities.

Being given the task to provide resources at the HQ of IMTF, as well as regional entities in Dubai (MENA) and Singapore (APAC), finding the best matching profiles for experienced Business & Technical Consultants in Anti-Money Laundering, KYC, Fraud, coming from a vendor background, proved to be a challenge. In a small community of such profiles in a niche industry was difficult to not only to identify potential candidates with the skills of Banking Compliance on a technical and business level, but to ensure location, work permit, and having worked for a Vendor and not only banking background.

This is how we dealt with this challenge:

Identification of suitable candidates with matching technical and soft skills, found through our extensive network of connections in all locations

Understanding the role, and what the client looks for in fulfilling all requirements

Headhunting suitable profiles globally, referrals, pinpointing and targeting competitor companies

Support in qualification process, detailed and informative candidate coaching and salary negotiation

Other services were offered to IMTF making the making the process smooth and effective:

Induction of expats to the Swiss Culture, living and working in Switzerland

Support in relocation process and accomodation hunting

Support in all Swiss governmental paperwork

The overall objective of our recruitment services is to ensure that IMTF is able fill those difficult gaps of future top performers in a niche sector, so that they fully concentrate on their growing business.



Due to intensive dedicated searching, in just a short time we were able to present IMTF with selected top profiles of potential candidates with ample experience in Business Consultancy in AML/Fraud/KYC banking solutions via our solid network of financial crime specialists

Successfully hiring our candidates at the IMTF HQ, and adding valuable team members to the Dubai and Singapore entities, allowed us to conttibute to support the development of IMTF's business with qualified staff who are mature and experienced in providing consultancy to various banking clients in IMTFs products and solutions

New employees remain in close contact with us and even share their own network based on the complete service Xpertsforyou provide for both client and candidate.



For a company in high-tech, having the right technical specialist and leaders is a critical factor of success for the development of the business. is a reliable partner that always has the business need of the customers in mind and guarantees top quality candidates required to fulfill role and duties. Our full focus on each customer request allows us to …

… make sure that we provide exactly the closest matching profiles for a given request.

… identify the best people that are in the market.

… make sure that the candidate journey is a pleasant one, not only during the selection, but also during the relocation and post-follow up phase.


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